Marvel to Release Alien Comic

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There’s a bonus situation on the horizon. Marvel is currently developing a comic based on the Alien films, according to The Hollywood Reporter!

The new comic series will offer a different take on the Alien franchise. Don’t worry, there will be both classic and brand new characters. The story will feature the story of newbie Gabriel Cruz. He’s a “a Weyland-Yutani mercenary.” Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca are helming the comic.

Johnson gives a few words on being part of the upcoming Alien venture. ““Just as a reader and fan, I was as excited as anyone when I heard the franchise was coming to Marvel, and when they asked me to write the launch, I was floored. I’ve been training my whole life for this gig without knowing it. Ever since seeing Ridley Scott’s Alien at way too young an age, I’ve been obsessed with the xenomorph, the single most iconic representation of terror on film.

The new comic series will debut in March 2021!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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