HBO Max May Develop Animated Game of Thrones Series

Game of Thrones
Photo Credit: HBO

The dragons may be in for the 2D treatment. The Hollywood Reporter breaks an animated Game of Thrones series is possibly in the works at HBO Max.

Apparently, there have been several meetings with HBO Max and WarnerMedia concerning the animated series. The plan is to have the show feel similar to 2013’s Game of Thrones with adult content. Nothing is official at this time, and the series may not even happen.

It’s clear HBO and WarnerMedia are eager to expand Game Of Thrones into a true universe. After the flagship series’ lackluster last season, this may be the time to strike. The original novel creator George R.R. Martin has a lucrative deal with HBO.

In addition to the animated series, there are two more Thrones shows in the works. The first is House of the Dragon, which will hit the small screen in 2022. The next is Tales of Dunk and Egg. Let us know how you feel about a possible ThronesVerse!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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