Nick Jonas Out on The Blacksmith

Nick Jonas, The Voice
Photo Credit: CBS

Nick Jonas has exited the feature film The Blacksmith. The singer-turned-actor will no longer lend his talent to this film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jonas was set to star as Wes Loomis/The Blacksmith! He is the ultimate weapons person in the intelligence community. After his lab is destroyed and his colleagues murdered, he must go on the run. Will his weapons tricks be able to keep him alive? The film is an adaptation of a Kickstart Comics graphic novel of the same name by Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman.

The reason for his big departure points to a scheduling issue. Production for the film was pushed back by a significant amount of time, which didn’t work anymore for Jonas. Filming will begin in Toronto this year.

AGC CEO Stuart Ford speaks on Jonas’ departure. “Nick, as you can imagine, has a lot of other commitments, with his acting and his music. Under normal circumstances, he could fly in and out, go to do things over the weekend, and come back to set Monday. But in a COVID environment, that doesn’t work. He’d have to stay in the same place for three months. With a star like Nick Jonas, it became borderline impossible to make the schedule work.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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