The CW’s 4400 Reboot Adds Joseph David-Jones and Khailah Johnson

The 4400
Photo Credit: USA Network

The dead are to rise on this reboot! Joseph David-Jones and Khailah Johnson have joined The CW’s version of 4400, according to Variety!

David-Jones will portray Rev Johnson. He comes from a powerful and affluent church family, but he disappeared in the 1990’s. He’s is a man of the cloth, but enjoys the power and fanfare that comes with being a pastor. Johnson will be a leader of the new 4400.

Johnson steps into the role of party girl Ladonna. She hails from Miami, and went missing on her 21st birthday. She was once a shallow spoiled girl, but upon her return, becomes a better person.

The series is a redux of the 2004 USA Network series of the same name. The show will focus on 4400 regular people who return from the great beyond after declared missing over the last 100 years. The returned have not aged and possess no memory of their demise. The government will try to contain them, but it is to no avail. There is a reason of they are all back.

Ariana Jackson and Anna Fricke are the masterminds behind the project. The series received a straight to series order from The CW.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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