GC #02: Warcraft


On the second episode of Geek Confidential Luke Kerr is joined by co-host Craig Peters and two friends who share a passion for World of Warcraft (WoW) and Warcraft the movie, Duane and Casie Eckholm.

WarcraftThe four WoW players dive into the premiere of Warcraft–directed by Duncan Jones. Listen as they dive into the characters and casting and dissect the plot and cinematography. Did Warcraft live up to expectations? Who were their favorite character depictions. Did Warcraft bring the world of Azeroth to life as they’d always imagined? Find out which Warcraft scenes they geeked out over.

Casie and Duane recount their experiences Convert to Raid’s Minnesota Meet Up for the film’s premiere.  Casie shares how Well Played Party planned the event and teases what the group has up their sleeve for BlizzCon 2016.

The  four discuss Blizzard’s mega hit Overwatch before wrapping the episode by discussing World of Warcraft: Legion which goes live August 30th.

All this much more on this week’s Geek Confidential!

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