Game of Thrones

On this week’s Geek Confidential podcast Luke Kerr and Melodie Aikels are joined by Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens and Jennifer Brody, author of The Continuum trilogy.

They take a deep dive into the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere. From the Stark siblings to Cersei Lannister’s scheming and Daenerys Targaryen’s arrival at Dragonstone, they cover it all.

Geek Confidential’s special Game of Thrones episode wraps with each person making their Fearless Predictions for what’s to come.

All this and more on this special Geek Confidential episode.

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  • luverica

    You all know how much I love your GoT recaps, especially when they include the former GoT hating Jamey Giddens. LOL

    Luke Kerr, you know I love you better than HD TV (LCD, not LED) but you need to take a chill pill on the Dany hating. It’s just not rational. Embrace the Khaleesi! Stop resisting. 😉 I appreciate Jennifer’s comments regarding Dany though. I’ve always thought, and still do, that it’s very possible that Dany could go crazy like her dad. We’ll see!

    I see where both Jon and Sansa is coming from but I’m pleased that Jon made the decision that he did. There was no need to make those two babies suffer and put them out of their homes because of the actions of their dead Bolton loving family members. Plus, Sansa need to stop calling Jon out in front of the North Council like that. He was proclaimed King of the North and that’s just rude. On the other hand, I do think that Jon should go to Sansa for more advice. They both need to work on their communication with each other.

    I thought it was the best season premier of the series. Those first and last scenes were awesome! I can’t wait to hear your recap on last night’s episode 2. Wow!